Christmas Programme 2012

Christmas events at Paragon Chapel in East London.

15th December – 6pm

Paragon Christian Academy’s Christmas Presentation
“Scrooge – A Ghost of a Chance”


22nd December – 7.30pm

Annual Christmas Dinner

All are invited, admission is free, but a freewill offering will be taken.


25th December – Christmas Morning Service -10am

A short service to open Christmas Day.

Africa Night

Special event on the 19th May!

World Vision for Christ is hosting a special event: Africa Night, an evening of singing, food, fun, and fellowship. we will also be met with challenge, as important information is shared about the needs of Christians and churches on this vast continent.

7.30pm at Paragon Chapel

All proceeds go to Release, and Child Gospel Mission – a Nigeria-based orphanage.


Easter Convention with Dr. Albert Chambers

Easter Convention with Dr. Albert Chambers

at Paragon Chapel from Friday 6th April until Monday 9th April

Service times:

Friday: 8pm
Saturday: 7.30pm
Sunday 6.30pm (Sunday School at 11am)
Monday 3pm & 7.30pm (refreshments & food served in break)

Reporting back!

Testimonies will be shared from Lara Adeyemo from Nigeria to report on the children’s ministry and orphanage there.

Report on PCA’s involvement in this year’s successful results from the European Student Convention!

Guilty? Easter Leaflet details


He walked with the untouchables of society. He listened to the lonely, He befriended the sick and ‘unclean’.

The unstable and troubled of mind flocked to Him. Children ran to be by His side. The rejected and depressed found hope and a reason for living in Him.

He sat with the beggars and conversed with them. Those who were bound in body, mind, and spirit found liberty after meeting with Him. But He was crucified. What was His crime?

One man said, “I find no fault in this man.” But He was crucified.

What was His crime?

He offered nothing but love and hope to all humanity. But He was crucified.

What was His crime?

His name? The Lord Jesus Christ. 

What do you accuse Him of? Do you find Him guilty? Or will you go to Him and find, refuge, hope and purpose?


We have pages about both new life in Christ, and becoming a Christian.


Our upcoming Easter Meeting Service Times at Paragon Chapel:

  • Friday 8pm
  • Saturday 7.30pm
  • Sunday 6.30pm
  • Monday 3pm & 7.30pm

Christmas Schedule for WVfC London

Cmas Schedule 2011

The Christmas schedule of meetings and Carol services for London are as follows:

Carol Services

  • Saturday 10th – 11am at Ridley – Successful
  • Monday 12th – 7.30pm at Stratford – Successful
  • Thursday 15th – 7.30pm Stratford – Successful
  • Friday 16th – 6.30pm Mare Street, Hackney – Successful
  • Wednesday 21st – 7.30pm at Stratford – still to come!
  • Thursday 22nd 7.30pm at Stratford – still to come!
  • Friday 23rd 6.30pm at Mare Street, Hackney – still to come!

Christmas carols are a great way to witness and keep the true reason for Christmas present in people’s minds, why not join us and warm the street with our singing?

Other Services

  • Christmas Dinner at Paragon – Saturday 17th at 7.30pm
  • Christmas Day Service – Sunday 25th at 10am, Paragon

Why not join us for fellowship, food and to enjoy praising the Lord on Christmas Day?