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  • The development of local churches. Christ being the Head of the church enables the local ‘body’ to be His representatives. The local church is to be a community that embraces and develops those in it’s immediate area and beyond.
  • The church, when functioning according to New Testament principles, is able to meet the spiritual, physical, and mental needs in the local community.
  • Children and young people are an integral part of the local church. It has always been the policy of World Vision for Christ to extend ‘a hand’ to those in the church community and those who are not. Knowing that they are the next generation, we seek to make our youngsters ‘good citizens’; to be a benefit to society, have a Biblical attitude towards God the Creator, and towards each other.
  • With the above in mind childrens weekly Bible clubs started in 1970 and continue to this day, both in the UK and overseas. For the teens we have ‘Young Souls’.
  • Paragon Christian Academy, the ministry’s Christian day school is also a vital part of World Vision for Christ.
  • The local community is made up of individuals, diverse in many ways. However, the Bible says we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. This is the common denominator. The other unifying fact is that Christ died for all men, according to the Scriptures and that His Blood alone cleanses from all sin. One Saviour. One sacrifice. One atoning blood for all who will believe “all have sinned” and consequently all need a Saviour.
  • In line with the Great Commission to “go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel” it is the purpose of Dr. Chambers to make disciples of all men and to equip church members for that purpose. In-depth teaching seminars  and weekly exposure to God’s Word encourages that and outreaches include:
  • Ministry in open-air street meetings
  • Distribution of Gospel literature
  • Door to door ministry and person to person ministry
  • Overseas missionaries

The Apostle Paul in his writings said “that I might, by all means reach some…” This we are also doing by:

  • Radio Broadcasts (see our web page)
  • Recorded messages
  • Bible Bookstores
  • Written messages
  • Deliverance outreach crusades (preaching campaigns)


Finally, Jesus said “I am the Way the Truth the Life, no man cometh unto the Father except through Me.” His Word and faith in His infallible, unchanging Word, can take the lowest of men and restore them, giving them confidence to face any situation.