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Crusading for Christ – Under Canvas

As Evangelist Chambers was already ‘used’ to tent crusades (having conducted them in Ireland) it was a natural thing for him to begin tent crusades in England. These started in 1972. The first tent crusade was in Wood Green, north London. We moved in to Bristol. We pitched this tent on an old bomb site. There were no facilities and the area was a known as one of the most notorious in Bristol. 

On a despised and rejected piece of land many found new life as the Word of God was preached night by night. Evangelist Chambers moved his tents throughout London, in Birmingham, Bristol and latterly his home town of Portadown, Northern Ireland.

At first the tents were hired. Then second-hand tents were purchased. In 1980 we purchased a new tent, made to our own specifications and in May of that year the ‘new tent’ was dedicated to the Lord during our mission on Hackney Downs, East London. Multiplied thousands have met with Christ through our tent mnistry, it has caused a great stir in the enemy’s camp.

In 1993, during a crusade on Clapham Common, South West London a petrol bomb was thrown at our Canvas Cathedral, this fire completely destroyed our tent, chairs, sound system and amplification, causing thousands and thousands of pounds worth of damage. The crusade was only into it’s third day BUT we continued, at first under the stars and then we hired a tent. Through the dedicated giving of God’s people we were able to purchase a new tent. Made with fire resistant material, imported from the USA. The following year (1994) we returned to the same spot … God turned the curse into a blessing and our tent ministry continues still.