The Power of 1 – Easter 2014

Our annual Easter Convention is upon us! This year, we look at the world changers – those that made a difference in their lifetimes. Those that got to know the One True God Read More here.

Cardboard Testimonies

These are real life testimonies from real people at our Paragon Chapel assembly. The footage was taken on the photo shoot for our cardboard testimonies leaflet.

Thank you!

Video made in preparation for our Thanksgiving Dinner at Paragon.

Our Mission

The development of local churches. Christ being the Head of the church enables the local ‘body’ to be His representatives. The local church is to be a community that embraces and develops those in it’s immediate area and beyond. The church, when functioning according to…

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New Life in Christ

Are you searching for more in life? Do you want something greater than a better job, or more money or another relationship? We would like to share with you that we have found something more to life than these things. That is a relationship with God Himself. A New Life in Him…

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In World Vision for Christ, our outreach ranges from our long-standing day-school Paragon Christian Academy through to our most grassroots ministry, street witness Open-Airs where we meet people face to face through either speaking or literature that we have designed and printed ourselves…


When the Lord blessed us with our very first church building in the Hackney area of London, He set in motion a series of circumstances that led to the opening of Paragon Christian Academyour independent Christian day school

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Now, you can watch our regular services LIVE every weekend! Live service times are:
Saturdays starting at 7.30pm
Sundays starting at 6.30pm

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Currently World Vision for Christ has assemblies in London and in Birmingham, UK. For detailed listing and maps…

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