Keeping in Touch January 2018

Dear Friends,

First, from Dr. Albert Chambers and the rest of the congregation at Paragon Chapel, we wish you a very happy, prosperous and peaceful 2018.

It goes without saying that only the Lord knows what is ahead for us individually and for the church. While you may have made some plans, you may have aspirations and goals, truly all our times are in His hands. One thing is for sure, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to enable us to face the future. Not to just get through each day, but to get through with victory and a sense that we have represented the Lord the way we should.

Recently brother Chambers has encouraged us, through the preaching of the Word of God, to look to the harvest, for the fields are “white already to harvest.” However, as many of us know, the labourers are few. The Bible tells us to pray “the Lord of the harvest, that He will thrust forth labourers into the harvest”. So we can start with prayer. This is what I was considering whilst listening to brother Chambers.

In our congregation we have all age groups from three months right through to ninety year olds. Praise the Lord for that. I don’t think we can realistically think that our dear saints of 90 to jump up and go overseas or into the various areas of the UK. While some may be able, it’s mostly not the norm. So, what about those saints who recognise the need for labourers? They can pray, they can give (however small) to the great harvest that is to be reaped. Real prayer changes things.

The Lord can do exceeding abundantly above all we may ask or think. He can move in a way that we cannot imagine. We often say in our prayer meetings that we can change the course of history through intercessory prayer. As Saints of God, let us go into the year ahead praying:

1: That the Lord of the harvest will thrust labourers into this harvest and a multitude of souls will come into the Kingdom.

2: That we won’t limit this “harvest” to just our family, our community, our town, country but worldwide.

3: Let’s not limit God. Jesus told His disciples they would “receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be my witnesses in Jerusalem (nearby), Judea (a little further out) and Samaria (further still) and unto the uttermost parts (worldwide).

Now brethren, if we are born again, we are baptised into the Body of Christ. That means the Holy Spirit dwells within us and He has promised to abide with us forever. Isn’t that wonderful? However we need fresh anointing, a fresh touch from the Lord to give us the power we need to do the work the Lord intends for us.

So dear brethren, whatever your situation – you can pray. 

You can lift up your heart and spirit to HIm anywhere anytime. 

The Creator of the universe is with you whithersoever you go. So be assured that He Who never slumbers nor sleeps can read your heart, hear your voice and know everything you are thinking.

As members “one of another” we can unite together to pray, to give and maybe to go.

We can ask that the Lord of the harvest thrust labourers into the vineyard and bring forth a multitude of souls before He returns to take His waiting people home.

The Lord bless you and make you fruitful in His Kingdom throughout 2018.

Dawn Chambers