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Update on PCA and Children’s Work

Thank God for another year of academic and spiritual growth in the World Vision for Christ Christian day school, Paragon Christian Academy. Look at these pictures of our last day of school, where the Lower school had a fancy dress day. The Upper school were away at the European Student Convention in Shropshire. They were competing with all European schools following the same curriculum as Paragon Christian Academy. At the time of writing this blog we haven’t yet heard where our senior students have been placed in their various events.


It was also the last day for Wednesday Special, the children’s club held every Wednesday in Paragon Chapel in Hackney. It was Prize Giving night at which the children get rewarded for the effort they hve put in throughout the year. This picture shows some of the happy faces of those who won prizes.

What’s new!

Well they say ‘a week is a long time in politics’! How true, since writing my last ‘blog’ we have a new mayor installed in London and throughout the country the mood has changed regarding the popularity of our current government. I’m not here to discuss politics, even though what happens in Parliament affects every person in the UK. Of course the ideal situation would be for the righteous to be in authority, this means in Parliament, our Judicial system in the Police Force, Education, Local Government etc. etc. even the church! We seem to have drifted away from ‘holiness’ and many of our churches have so embraced the world that you cannot tell the difference between God’s own people and the world. Yet God’s Word encourages to “come out from among them and be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing”.  

This is the message Dr Albert Chambers has been encouraging the members of Paragon Chapel, our Hackney Assembly. We are in the world, but not of the world. Try to join us. You will enjoy the worship time, the fellowship time, but especially the Word of God, which truly is a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path. This is a critical time in the history of the church and it’s God’s Holy Word that will sustain us in all the troublesome times.  

On Friday 25th April, 2008 part of the World Vision for Christ Team went to Rev Jim Patterson’s Church in Kilburn, praise the Lord we had a very blessed time, with new faces coming into the church. We look forward to being invited back!  

Also I would like to remind you again of the new stock in at our Bible Book Store in Manor Park, East London. If you can drop in, we are open until 8pm Monday thro Thursday, 9pm on Friday and 6pm on Saturday. So even if you work late you can still make time to come along.

So what’s new!

Well we are told in Ecclesiates that there is no new thing under the sun. How true. Man presumes he has come up with something new, but it’s been there all the time. God is the Creator, He alone can make something out of nothing. It is very reasurring to know that there is Someone, outside of us, the One who sits on the circle of the earth; the One who is all knowing, all seeing, all wisdom and knowledge. We can rest in the knowledge that our God will judge all things perfectly. God is a good God, He is generously disposed toward His children, praise the Lord.Children at Paragon Chapel

Over the past few weeks Dr Albert Chambers has been speaking on ‘Ye must be born again’. Emphasising the fact that as we are born into this natural world and learn to correspond with our natural environment, so being ‘born again’ enables us to enter into a spiritual realm where we can correspond with the Kingdom of God. Of course it goes much deeper than the few words I have written, and it would be good if you could join us at Paragon Chapel, Glyn Road in Hackney, East London. Actually I have posted a photo of some of the children singing ‘Rolled Away, Rolled Away, and the burden of my heart rolled away’. They look happy in their singing don’t they?

Kilburn outreach 25.04.2008Something else of interest. The World Vision for Christ open-air team will be singing and tesifying at Kilburn Christian Church on Friday 25th April the meeting starts at 7.30pm. The singing will be lively and the testimonies challenging. If you are nearby, then join us. The address is: 2 Aldershot Road, Kilburn London NW6 7LG (Aldershot Road is off Willesden Lane)

Bookshop shelfSomething else of interest. We have just received a new consignment of Bibles and books, into our Bible Book Store in Manor Park, East London, E12 6BT. If you are near to us then drop in, you will be thrilled with our stock. There is also a beautiful gift department and truly there are items that would suit all tastes.NIV Bible

Easter Convention 2008

Easter Convention 2008This year’s World Vision for Christ Easter Convention will take place from Friday 21st of March until Monday 24th March.

It’s always a time of good teaching from Dr. Albert Chambers and good fellowship with the church community.

Easter 2008 Services:

Friday 21st March – 8pm
Paragon Chapel, 233-241 Glyn Road, Hackney

Saturday 22nd March – 7.30pm
Paragon Chapel 233-241 Glyn Road, Hackney

Sunday 23rd March – 6.30pm
Paragon Chapel, 233-241 Glyn Road, Hackney

Monday 24th March – Fellowship from 3pm
Paragon Chapel, 233-241 Glyn Road, Hackney